iPhone-free zone

no_iphoneSince I am a passionate Vogue.com reader, I of course read the featured article about Melinda Gates, Bill Gates’ (if you don’t know who that is, you missed something – jfgi) wife. Ok you got me, I didn’t, at least not completely. I just read the part that’s relevant for this post. Anyway besides talking about a lot of other stuff, Mrs. Gates tells Vogue, that in their house Apple’s iPhones and iPods are not allowed (hence the picture included in the post). Which is of course understandable, but for their kids it must still suck, because not having an iPhone/iPod does not correlate with not having money. Mrs. Gates btw mentiones that she wouldn’t mind having an iPhone.  For myself, I probably found out the one thing I have in common with the Gates family: not having an iPhone/iPod, because being related to someone that belongs to the richest people of the planet ain’t it!

(via vogue.com)


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