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Clients from Hell

I just wanted to let everyone know about this site real quick:

Clients from Hell

It’s definitely worth browsing through it! Made me lough quite a few times.


That’s why political science is so awesome

BDM, great guy!

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita at the Daily Show!

Helloooooo, Skynet

This just in (via Techcrunch): Apparently Facebook is planning to develop its somewhat crude messaging service into a full-blown email service supporting pop, imap and all that fancy stuff. Well that is just great, now they are going to read my mail too then? I am going out on a limb here, but in 15 years Facebook will have taken over the world and there will be a war with the machines and both Arnie and Christian Bale will be too old to safe us then… (and Summer Glau won’t help humanity because she won’t have forgotten that she got cancelled.)

But looking at it from a more moderate position: Google is reading all our emails too, so it probably won’t matter anyway. And imap is awesome!

So true…

If Microsoft had invented the iPod, it would have been called the Microsoft I-pod Pro 2005 Human Ear Professional Edition.

(via Twitter)

Weekly Jedi Wisdom

macewinduTo keep a long story short: I hope you had a great weekend. Aside from a minor setback I did. To get everyone in the right mood to start their week, here as always the Jedi wisdom to live by.

You hold onto friends by keeping your heart a little softer than your head.

A bit cheesy, but still awesome!

Awesomeness you might have missed

  • Amazing Jumbo landing. (via Ehrensenf)
  • Do dogs dream of cats? This one does!
  • Crazy French guy does ridiculously funny street comedy.
  • Afraid to share secrets with friends? Either get new friends or make them sign the FriendDA.

(Questionably) awesome Trekkie smell

So here we went ahead reaching a new level of Star Trek merchandise: There will be Star Trek cologne coming in three different fragrances called ‘Red Shirt’, ‘Tiberius’ and (that one I already like best, cause I have a Star Trek background) ‘Ponn Farr’. Wow that’s going to be just great at the next Star Trek convention, when everybody smells the same! Well maybe it’ll be a blessing in disguise, because some of them people might have smelled worse before, who knows and since I DON’T go to Star Trek conventions, I can just rely on knowledge that derives from stereotypes. Anyway, hit the jump for some pics and detailed discriptions of the fragrances. (via

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