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New EncFS Plugin for Macfusion2 released

Finally, I’ve managed to update my EncFS Plugin for Macfusion2. It now requires EncFS 1.7.4 to be installed in /usr/local/bin. The easiest way to do this, is by using Homebrew.

I hope this will solve many of the problems prople had with the old version.

See the EncFS page for details!


A Brave New World

Als geübter Nutzer des Internets ist man ja schon so einiges gewohnt und nur noch selten wirklich in Erstaunen zu versetzen. Aber manchmal lohnt es sich, innezuhalten und kurz nachzudenken, was man da eigentlich völlig selbstverständlich macht. So geschehen heute morgen: Continue reading

Clients from Hell

I just wanted to let everyone know about this site real quick:

Clients from Hell

It’s definitely worth browsing through it! Made me lough quite a few times.

Helloooooo, Skynet

This just in (via Techcrunch): Apparently Facebook is planning to develop its somewhat crude messaging service into a full-blown email service supporting pop, imap and all that fancy stuff. Well that is just great, now they are going to read my mail too then? I am going out on a limb here, but in 15 years Facebook will have taken over the world and there will be a war with the machines and both Arnie and Christian Bale will be too old to safe us then… (and Summer Glau won’t help humanity because she won’t have forgotten that she got cancelled.)

But looking at it from a more moderate position: Google is reading all our emails too, so it probably won’t matter anyway. And imap is awesome!

Awesomeness you might have missed

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  • Crazy French guy does ridiculously funny street comedy.
  • Afraid to share secrets with friends? Either get new friends or make them sign the FriendDA.

Fixing a mysterious iChat Agent crash

I’ve been haunted by a mysterious iChat problem for the past week. Once in a while (speak: randomly) iChat would disconnect from all accounts and display an error message, telling me that the iChat Agent unexpectedly quit. I then had to reconnect my accounts manually.

In system.log the following entry caught my attention:
iChatAgent[191]: WARNING: iChatAgent exception caught on main thread: *** -[NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (0) beyond bounds (0)
Obviously iChat Agent tries to acces an empty array and this throws an exception. After some googleing, I found a post in the Apple Discussion Groups mentioning this crash happens when a buddy connects or disconnects. The solution is as simple as weird. Just remove some buddy and add him again! No problems again for me.

Introducing: The Dropbox

sandbox250px_smallDropbox is relatively new online service, which allows you to sync files between multiple computers (Mac, Linux and something called Windows). It basically syncs one designated folder on your hard disk to a server (i.e. the cloud). Every computer that runs the dropbox application will have a copy of this folder on its harddisk. The service integrates into Mac OS X (and other systems) very nicely. Once installed, you have a new folder “Dropbox” in your home directory, which is automatically synced to the cloud in the background.

Everyone who wants to sync data between several computers or who is looking for some online storage to share files, photos or videos and who is not concerned with security issues, may stop reading now and give Dropbox a try.

Everyone who wants to use Dropbox as a method to securely store files online (e.g. backup) and who is not afraid of some technical talking, should stay and read on!

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