George Lucas should better watch out

180px-george_lucas_pasadenaSince we here at the naked man – next to being devoted to awesomeness – are committed to cultural education, I would like to use this opportunity to give everybody a heads up for a new documentary that is to be released in 2010. It’s called The People Vs. George Lucas and has lots of people in it stating their opinion on George Lucas’ work. Judging from the Teaser Trailer it mainly revolves around Star Wars, which is probably adequate. But since the expression “raped my childhood” and other heavy stuff comes up in the video, I think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls should be included in there. But that’s just my opinion. So anyway, hit the jump for the youtube video (via Geekologie).

Oh and by the way: Han shot first! And I really don’t think People should hate Jar Jar, he is a nice fellow. And George Lucas is awesome, no matter what others say!!!



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