Thank God for remote access (in this case even cross-plattform)

teamviewerFor those of us who – from time to time or just always – have the pleasure of serving as IT-helpdesk for family and friends, there is something you might like. Actually it cuts – ok I am going out on a limb here, maybe it doesn’t (I really didn’t check, the result impressed me so much, I didn’t even care) – the time you spend on the phone with the person, that has a problem regarding the computer/internet at least in half. Anyway the tool’s name is teamviewer and it connects you pretty quick and easy with anyone else, who wants to share his or her desktop with you or the other way around. I particulary like that feature, because it is easy to set up screen sharing for people that range at the beginner’s level with everything that has to do with computers. After you crunch in two numbers (ID and password which are assigned to both ends when starting the app) the connection is up and running and you can see the other person’s screen as well as hit keys and move the mouse. Awesome! 

The tool works on Mac and PC, which comes in handy, if you want to share your screen using a mac with someone using a PC. Best part of all that: The application is free for private use, which includes you helping your friends and family, because you can’t charge anything anyway.

At last some info regarding the service in general. It’s provided by a German company (made in Germany!) and which has all references on its website, a lot of satisfied and top-notch clients!

So for the future: Don’t be afraid to answer the phone…


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